CSA Contact Number: 0345 713 3133

To contact the enquiries helpline of the Child Support Agency (CSA), then just dial 0345 713 3133 by phone.

Families are not always perfect like in the movies, or at least in the earlier movies and TV programmes that depict wholesome or ideal family units. Most families tend to be a little dysfunctional. It’s like a group of people with different idiosyncrasies and goals trying to cope and live together in the spirit of love. Sometimes however, things just don’t workout especially during the early stages and the children are the ones who suffer. Children who are unfortunate enough to be abandoned by one or even two parents will not have the necessary parental, emotional and financial support that they need growing up.

This is the reason why the CSA (Child Support Agency) was set up, so that their financial needs will be met. It’s not always easy getting parents to commit to financially supporting their children, especially when there is some animosity involved but for the good of their children they should work things out or at least be open to receiving intervention from the CSA.

CSA Customer Service Numbers

If you’re a parent and would like to seek help from the CSA to track down your former partner with whom you have a child and you opened your case before March 2003, then just call their helpline on 0345 713 3133. You can also call their textphone on 0345 713 8924 if you’re a little hard of hearing. Alternatively if you need to open a new dispute with the CSA’s assistance then please go to their website www2.dwp.gov.uk/csa/v2/en/setup/apply-by-telephone.asp to find the contact details of the regional office that you should contact. If you need any CSA service in Welsh then please call their dedicated welsh language helpline 0345 713 8091.