TV Licence Contact Number: 0300 790 6144

You can contact the TV Licence offices on the phone for information by their customer service and information numberĀ 0300 790 6144.

The TV Licence is an important tax that helps the UK government run the BBC. The BBC is the public service broadcast station used by the government for news, education and of course, entertainment.

The entire experience of watching TV as a whole is affected by the TV licence for without it, you can’t legally view your favourite shows in the UK as they are broadcast live. This is also applicable for pubs, hospitals or offices that have installed TVs for the viewing pleasure of many.

Telephone Numbers for TV Licence

If you have enquiries about the TV Licence in general or if you have specific enquiries that pertain to your account with them, then you can call them up on their general enquiries and customer service phone line on 0300 790 6144.

There are a few ways that you can pay for the TV Licence, The two most popular ways include the use of the Payment Card and the Savings Card.

  • If you have questions about using the TV Licence Payment Card, then dial 0300 555 0286.
  • If your questions are about using the Savings Card to make the payments toward your licence, then dial 0300 555 0281.
  • If you would like to use a textphone or minicom service to contact them, then dial 0300 790 6050.

TV Licence Postal Address

If you prefer to send your enquiries in a manner that would make your grandparents proud write to them at:

TV Licensing,
DL98 1TL,
United Kingdom.

TV Licensing’s Online Contact Form

You can also send your enquiries via email by using the form at